Are you learning to ride a motorcycle in Auckland?

If you are learning to ride, look no further than Ridecraft. We are a trusted and professional rider training school.  Learning to ride with us will ensure that you are equipped with the skills to ride confidently in all conditions on New Zealand roads.


  • On road rider training:- $75 / hour. 

►Purchase 3 x one hour lessons and save $25.

►Purchase 5 x one hour lessons and save $45.

  • CBTA 6R test:- $170 (Duration approx 90 minutes).
  • CBTA 6F test:- $130 (Duration approx 60 minutes).

Safety First!

Ridecraft believes that safety is the overriding consideration in everything we do.  For this reason, we provide our students with a top quality German made helmet fitted with a two way bluetooth communications system and Hi-Viz vests.

We check your bike over with you before each lesson, to ensure your bike is safe to ride.  Have you checked your chain tension lately?

Rider protective equipment - minimum requirements:

  • A long sleeved, front fastening jacket;
  • Long pants (specifically for motorcycle riding preferred);
  • Suitable gloves;
  • Sturdy covered footwear;
  • Approved motorcycle helmet (supplied by Ridecraft);
  • Hi-Viz vest (supplied by Ridecraft).



That’s right! Learning to ride in Auckland is fun and exciting. Our lessons are challenging but rewarding and you will be proud to say you are a confident and safe rider before you know it!

Pass your test or go the CBTA path

At Ridecraft, our instructors are patient, encouraging and supportive. We know how to guide you from your very first lesson, working at your own pace until you are ready to take your test or be assessed under CBTA.

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